Are wale and melanie fiona dating

In early 2007, he released a song on radio titled “Good Girls”.

In June of the same year, he was signed to Allido Records.

It featured other artists like Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Daniel Merriweather.

[Chorus: Melonie Fiona & Wale] Babe, you know it gets no better than this It's like, sunshine on a rainy day It's like a high, could you take me away?

Take me away, away It's a beautiful bliss, oh (When you feel like this) Beautiful bliss, oh (When you spill out hits) Beautiful bliss, oh, oh, oh (When you fly as a bitch) And you ride with this, and you ain't bothered a bit now, baby [Verse 1: Wale] Fresh out the airport, fresh out the chair with the clippers Like Shaun Living', thinking, hmm I'm tryna get it like Sean get it If Lord giveth, a mil' and a MILF light skinneded It's slight blemishes and life system But I'm giving it foundation when I write lyric That Anvil Neidhart minus bright knickers Maybe not quite the star but my heart's in it When Bret Hart meet Brett Farve A sharpshooter well exceeding any figure four You see my figure more or less six or more I invest in my larynx and lungs and this voice I project My project is like what pros inject And a nigga so fly I should be droved in jets It's ironic they call me a fresh breath No joke, you see them boys sign me to the scope, right?

And he keeps adding to his portfolio of colossal deals.

Moments ago, it was announced that the rapper has joined forces with the record label arm of HOV’s Roc Nation empire to launch his own imprint – Dream Chasers.

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