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You’re just going to make her uncomfortable or pissed off.If you can’t get a woman to respond or accept seeing you with a simple, “Hey, I’ll swing by your place today and say hi.” then you shouldn’t show up.By then, she’s invested in you and it’s fine to show your girlfriend you appreciate her.This happens if you’re a “nice guy” and stuck in the friend zone.You’re afraid to flirt, create physical contact, or move things forward with the girl you like. You believe that if you just hang around for a while, you’ll build a romantic connection.And when that romance never happens, you resort to an outright declaration of love.Just remember to keep your text conversations at the same length or less than hers.

Many women also feel pressured or manipulated by a guy who buys them things.

Now I’ve written before about how neediness is a state of mind and not necessarily your actions. But I would be naive to think that some behaviors didn’t still look “desperate”, even if they’re coming from a healthy place. If I like someone, I’m going to talk to them and not overthink it.

But I also understand that smothering a girl too soon can be a huge turnoff.

You tell her that you like her and care so much about her.

You promise you’ll treat her better than any other guy.

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