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Imagine spending on an in-game dragon for a phone game, multiple times, that you'll probably get tired of after a while.

is more than what the entire game should cost if you had paid a base price!

It also said I can do stuff to earn them but it's stopped working all of a sudden and I can't earn any tokens.

This keeps happening where I can earn it, and then I can't. They charge 3$ for a pack of tokens that you use in 1 turn!!!!!!!!

Please don’t let your children play this game.(Im 12) The people who created this game are extremely greedy and liers.

So they want you to get frustrated and just buy the gems.I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Dragon City and they should be a little business smarter and STICK TO WHAT THEY SAID and give away free maze coins and gems or else people like me will take they're business to another game. IF YOU WERE SMART YOU' D STICK TO YOUR PROMISES AND KEEP COSTUMERS INSTEAD OF LYING AND LOSING THEM. This game WOULD be fun if not for all the CONSUMERISM.(Apologies - for some reason spaces didn't come out in this review and it came out like a big block of text... As other reviews have stated, this game is very pay-to-win; personally I'm not a fan of this model at all.I'd rather that a game charged me a base price off the bat and then left me alone.You can skip the rival they pair you up against, at a cost-- and the cost gets higher and higher each time you skip, and then gets into currency you can't afford to spend (food, gems etc). I mean, isn't the entire point of getting and raising these dragons to eventually take them into combat?So you're basically being penalized for not wanting to fight against rivals twice your level against whom you stand no chance? Then there's the social aspect: very deceptive of the company who made this to make the game appear so child-friendly when there's definitely inappropriate stuff going on in the chats.

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The have vidoes you cna watch for gems but yoh don't get the gema and as you progress in the game your forced to either annoy FB friends which everyone I know has now blocked Dragon City b/c they din't just send one request to play to friends but continue to bombard them even though they are only supposed to send one request unless you give them permission to otherwise by clicking a box on bottom of page. Customer service was rude and if you complete any offers have aome proof b/c you won't het your gems. She had already been exposed to sexual comments, requests to play “Truth or Dare,” and strangers asking for private information.

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