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The islands generally experience low humidity and recurrent droughts.Temperatures average 27 °C (80.6 °F), with a range from 23 °C (73.4 °F) to 29 °C (84.2 °F) in the winter to from 25 °C (77.0 °F) to 30 °C (86.0 °F) in the summer and autumn.

The British ruled from 1632 to 1981, with a brief French interlude in 1666.

The permanent population numbers about 81,800 (at the 2011 Census) and the capital and largest port and city is St. Lying near each other (the main Barbuda in the Seville Cathedral.

The country is nicknamed "Land of 365 Beaches" due to the many beaches surrounding the islands.

Everyone on the island was evacuated to Antigua.[5]Contents1 Etymology 2 History 3 Geography3.1 Largest cities 3.2 Islands 3.3 Climate 3.4 Ecology4 Demographics4.1 Ethnic groups 4.2 Languages 4.3 Religion5 Governance5.1 Political system 5.2 Elections5.2.1 Party elections5.3 Judiciary 5.4 Foreign relations 5.5 Military 5.6 Administrative divisions6 Economy 7 Education 8 Culture8.1 Festivals 8.2 Cuisine 8.3 Media 8.4 Local literature9 Sports 10 Notables 11 Symbols 12 See also 13 References 14 External links Etymology[edit] Antigua is Spanish for "ancient" and barbuda is Spanish for "bearded".

The island of Antigua, originally called Wadadli by Arawaks, is today called Wadadli by locals; Caribs possibly called it Wa'omoni.

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